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khcrack_logs's Journal

Kingdom Crack Logs

Where Ya Put Da Crack, Where Else?
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Sora-mun's an idiot. :D

This is kakistocrati's log-dedicated community.

Before you venture on into the pits of nothingness BWAHAHAHA! let it be known there are rules here:


I. Post logs in the following format:

Who: (i.e Xemnas, Ansem, Riku)
What: (i.e Breakfast Party, Rave, Orgy)
Where: (i.e Kairi's place, Hell, Purgatory)
When: (i.e After Sora's Spaz Attack, Last Night, Yesterday Morning)

For AIM logs, lj-ify your posts!

II. Post in character, replying is another story.

III. Be polite and courteous. (Unless your character nearly always beats the hell out of the other, then yes, be mean all you want. :D)

IV. Don't type Lye1k 7h1s. plzkthxbai. It makes Sora cry.

V. If you are not a member of the community kakistocrati do not comment on the logs. Please and thank you.

VI. There is no sixth rule. It flickered and DIED.

VII. Document your memories here, so we can laugh at you it later.

VIII. Waffles. Peace out.

kakistocrati - RPG community; the place where the crack is at. (Literally.)

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