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19 June 2007 @ 08:55 pm
Who: Xemnas, Ansem, Riku, Repliku, Namine, Larxene, Demyx, Axel, Zack, Cloud, Zexion, and Yazoo in spirit.
What: Party
Where: Somewhere near a stairway...and refresments...within the confines of the company
When: Tuesday night: mandatory meeting day.

[19:30] Ansem: ....No one invited me. D < Where's my invite.
[19:31] Axel: Why are you here then? How did you know about it?
[19:31] Ansem: .... I followed Riku.
[19:31] Riku: ...He did. D:
[19:32] Larxene: <chucks stuff in corner> I brought popcorn, since most likely none of you incompetents thought to bring any.
[19:32] Reno: I BROUGHT PORN.
[19:32] Namine: <sidles in and tries to be inconspicuous>
[19:32] Demyx: *eats his ice cream* :-D :-D :-D
[19:32] Xemnas: I provided "refreshments" as per normal hosts usually do this.
[19:32] Axel: Porn huh? What kind Reno?
[19:33] Reno: The good kind, heh hehhh.. *turns magazine sideways to look at mini poster*
[19:33] Zexion:*Finds a nice corner to be present and yet not as much as possible*
[19:33] Zack: Yeeah, what kind of porn? :: scoots in. ::
[19:33] Axel: I thought you meant real porn...not some magazine.. *sighs*
[19:33] Riku: .....*is curious but stops because Namine's death stare*
[19:33] Larxene: Heeeeey Zexy. <slings arm over shoulder>
[19:34] Cloud: :: sits in corner emoing. ::
[19:34] Reno: *pulls out DVDs from his Pr0n bag* This type of porn, ya mean?
[19:34] Zexion: Hn...*Ohwhyhasgodforsakenme* ...can I help you?
[19:34] Axel: *grins* What are you waiting for Reno? Press play!
[19:34] Riku: Hey Clooud... that looks like more fun... o_o
[19:35] Larxene: Just thought I'd say hello. It's been so long since you came out of that dirty old basement. Why, I'd almost begun to think you were afraid of me. Imagine that~!
[19:35] Reno: *sits close to the TV and pops in the movie*
[19:35] Cloud: Oh yes.. loads of it.
[19:35] Axel: *sits next to Reno*
[19:35] Riku: ....*sits next to Cloud* Wanna compare swords?
[19:35] Zack: o.o :: stares at Reno and Axel. :: Heeey, you guys looks alike!
[19:35] Zexion: Afraid? Don't be perposterous, I'm just....very VERY busy with my research.
[19:36] Cloud: ..; What do you mean?
[19:36] Everyone: ....THEY DO LOOK ALIKE.
[19:36] Reno: *stares at Zack* Heeey, you look like you SHOULD SHUT UP. D <
[19:36] Axel: I don't look like him....
[19:36] Zack: ;o; :: wibbles. ::
[19:36] Zack: UH HUH!!
[19:36] Riku: .... your swords are pretty.
[19:36] Reno: Damn right. >| *goes back to porn*
[19:36] Zack: :: snatches porn! ::
[19:36] Axel: *watches porn while playing with kitties*
[19:36] Cloud: .. Oh?
[19:37] Larxene: Oh? Well, that's good to hear. <leans a little too close> I'll just have to try harder.
[19:37] Axel: Hey! What do you think you're doing Zack?
[19:37] Zack: Reading!
[19:37] Xemnas: ... I hate you all, so much.
[19:38] Ansem: whistles innocently and walks over to devour the Heart ice cream*
[19:38] Reno: *pats the empty spot beside him* Come watch with us, Mans-- Xemnas. 8D
[19:38] Zexion:*shudders, visably.* I...don't think that's necessary. I wouldn't want you to put forth any extra efforts for my sake.
[19:38] Namine: <edges over to Xemnas> Would you happen to have any chocolate?
[19:38] Xemnas: ...If ever I was torn between killing myself in a widespread explosion, or sitting nex tto someone so stupid, this would be that moment.
[19:39] Larxene: Oh, but it's no trouble at all, Zexy.
[19:39] Reno: Sit beside Axel, then.
[19:39] Axel: *goes into a dark corner and plays with kitties* I miss the porn...
[19:39] Xemnas: Axel, you have dark powers.
[19:39] Zexion:*~_~Thatnicname* Hrnnn Really why are you over here, I'm sure there are plenty of other poor souls for you to torment.
[19:40] Axel: What's that supposed to mean Xemnas?
[19:40] Larxene: Oh, but maybe you're my favorite. Have you considered that~?
[19:40] Xemnas: Just portal some more pornographic materials in from the Dark Realm."
[19:40] Xemnas: Lord knows the Dark Realm is chock full of it.
[19:40] Namine: <ignored> <retreats to corner>
[19:41] Axel:....Yea I know...I just wanted to see if you were going to say anything! *portals some yaoi in*
[19:41] Riku: ...*goes and hugs Namine*
[19:41] Namine: EEP!
[19:41] Zexion:............ *A look of pure horror LIGHTS in his eyes.* I had never wanted to consider that actually.
[19:41] Namine: @_@
[19:41] Ansem: ... OHHHH. Do you have Loliz Gone Wild?
[19:41] Axel:...No Ansem...you pedophile...
[19:42] Larxene: Oh, I'm hurt, Zexy~! <presses hand to forehead in mock distress>
[19:42] Ansem: I took offense to that.
[19:42] Ansem: I maintain I have never touched any children (besides Roxas.)
[19:42] Zexion: Impossible, you don't have the equipment necessary to be so.
[19:42] Axel: Good Ansem, what are you going to do about it? *hides kitties*
[19:43] Ansem: *...sicks Heartless on Axel*
[19:43] Larxene: Oh, don't I~? ...You're right. <drops act> But don't you think maybe there could be even the slightest tinge of hurt? Don't you feel BAD~?
[19:43] Axel: *runs into a back room and locks door* This is supposed to be a FUN sleepover!
[19:44] Xemnas: Zexion, if you don't apologize she may sue the company.
[19:44] Xemnas:The Organization does not need bad publicity.
[19:44] Zack: Kentucky Fried Chicken?
[19:44] Ansem: ...WHERE
[19:44] Zexion:....................*stares blankly* No. Not ....wh- Apologize?! But Si-...*grumble stupid neophytes D: <* forgive me for not considering your non-existent feelings.
[19:45] Zack: :: POINTS! ::
[19:45] Xemnas: Excellent work, VI.
[19:45] Larxene: Oh~, I'm not convinced~! How are you going to make it up to me, hmmmmmmm?
[19:45] Axel: sneaks back into room and goes back to watching porn*
[19:45] Riku: ....*continues huggling Namine*
[19:46] Zexion: Thank you si- .............*slow blink*......................... Make it..... up to you? I don't need to I apologized.
[19:46] Namine: <bright red>
[19:46] Larxene: Oh, I think you do~. Or I'll have to sue, and we can't have that~!
[19:47] Xemnas: ...She has right of way, Zexion.
[19:47] Namine: <huggle'd> <feels faint>
[19:47] Ansem: You, my good friend Zack, are the greatest man whose heart I have not stolen.
[19:48] Zexion: That would be pointless, you're recieving funds from this company also. And if you did sue and leave, you'ld be hard pressed to find anyone willing to accept our ki-
[19:48] Zexion: ........................................... *T_T BUT Xemnas...SHES A NEOPHYTE TRAITOR WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME MORE?!?!* ....... Fine......how would I go about earning favour despite my horrible transgression against you.
[19:48] Larxene: Hmmmmmmmm~! I'll have to think about it and get back to you~.
[19:49] Xemnas: He is being understanding. You are both dismissed to do something else.
[19:49] Larxene: So you can spend your nights contemplating your impending doom.
[19:49] Xemnas: *walks away*
[19:49] Riku: ...*kisses Namine*
[19:49] Zack: My heart! You can't have. :: slaps hand. ::
[19:50] Namine: ...Wkfnsklfnlkng! <squeak>
[19:50] Zexion:........... *sighs, stares pointedly at Larxene. Because surely you can do that thinking far away from me right?*
[19:50] Larxene: Hmmm~. I think I've made you suffer enough to one day.
[19:50] Larxene: ...Nah.
[19:50] Riku: ... *laughs and continues kissing*
[19:51] Xemnas: ....Axel. Get out here do something productive.
[19:51] Namine: @.@ <panic>
[19:51] Zexion:................*Oh good...wait*..what?
[19:52] Axel: *sighs* Can't you see I'm watching something? Is it really important?
[19:52] Xemnas: .... Yes. Your shemless depravity is runing the company image an- ...Are those men KISSING?
[19:52] Larxene: I think I'm going to spend the whole party with you~!
[19:53] Axel: Yes it is Xemnas! *looks back at screen* Besides...the company image is already messed up...
[19:53] Zexion:.............................*THEREISNOGOD*Why?
[19:54] Larxene: Well, maybe you ARE my favorite~. Isn't that just wonderful~? You get to hang out with me for ever and ever~!
[19:54] Xemnas: ...that's.... hardly the point... VIII... *sits down next to Axel*
[19:54] Riku: .... *full on making out with Namine now*
[19:54] Repliku: *walks over to Namine and Riku* *coughs*
[19:55] Namine: !!!
[19:55] Axel: See...I knew you would like it Xemnas...*inches a little closer*
[19:55] Riku: ...*looks up. Oh. It's you.
[19:55] Repliku: I just couldn't help but notice that someone looked a little uncomfortable with this situation
[19:55] Zexion: *backs away* What.....That can't possibly be true. And....no....just no. You can't hang around me forever and ever...
[19:55] Xemnas: ...Er, Axel.... wh-what is that man DOING. @__@
[19:56] Riku: ....No onee cares what you think, Fake.
[19:56] Namine: <silently thankful> ' That was awkward...'
[19:56] Axel: Looks like he's having fun to me! *laughs* Have you never seen yaoi before?
[19:56] Larxene: Oh, but I can, my dearest Zexion.
[19:56] Repliku: You apparently don't care what she thinks either
[19:56] Xemnas: ...I make it my business not to watch such depravity and filth--- my god, that looks rather uncomfortable.
[19:57] Riku:.... she came onto me about four hours ago.
[19:57] Axel: Trust me Xemnas...it's very comfortable..and how is this filth?
[19:58] Zexion: I'm sure there are policies against that sort of thing.
[19:58] Xemnas: ....because, it's low budget garbage made to stiate the urges of lonely gay men. How that is quality viewing I will never know.
[19:58] Repliku: Doesn't look like she's too happy now
[19:58] Larxene: Since when have I ever cared about "policies"?
[19:58] Axel....I'm not gay Xemnas!
[19:59] Riku; *lets go of Namine rather absently and stands up* I've been waiting for an excuse to knock you out, Fake.
[19:59] Zexion: Hopefully it started sometime after being deleted for ignoring them?
[19:59] Repliku: I'm sure you have been
[19:59] Larxene: Hmph. You're so cruel, Zexy!
[19:59] Namine: <scoots out of way>
[19:59] Axel: *turns attention to Riku and Repliku* Well this looks interesting...
[20:00] Riku: I'm going to kill you now. *shing Soul Eater*
[20:00] Namine: 'This is getting difficult...'
[20:00] Demyx: That is going to be one straaaange fight. :|
[20:00] Zexion:...Need I point out the absence of something vital inorder for me to be sincerly cruel...again?
[20:01] Xemnas: I take meager pleasure in the suffering of others, Zexion. It's within a capability to feel so.
[20:01] Larxene: <turns attention to fight; absently: > Maybe you just need to be a little more open minded....
[20:01] Riku: *battle stance* Bastard.
[20:02] Zexion: I have no memories of gleening enjoyment from others suffering to draw on unfortunately. *,-, except I really do feel pretty awesome when I'm tormenting Roxas and Axel...hmmmmm* ......perhaps.
[20:02] Axel: *picks kitties up so they won't get stepped on*
[20:03] Ansem: ....*stops stealing all the food for a moment* Is there some sort of hoodlum starting a fight at a party?
[20:03] Repliku: Now, no fighting in front of a lady
[20:04] Riku: ....*slash lunge*
[20:04] Larxene: Oh, just get on with it! C'MON!
[20:04] Axel: I think Repliku is scared....
[20:04] Demyx: *cheers* Fight! Fight! Fight! :-D
[20:05] Namine: <curls up in a corner> 'This is all my fault...'
[20:05] Zack: Hey you two! Knock it off! D:
[20:06] Riku: *looks away and leaves himself unguarded* Namine...?
[20:06] Larxene: Oh, shut up. Let them duke it out!
[20:06] Namine: !!!
[20:08] Repliku: *hits in the head with a shovel*
[20:08] Riku: Ha.... knew he was shy--*...thunk*
[20:08] Axel: Well it seems nothing is going to happen...oh wait!
[20:09] Larxene: ...Where'd that shovel come fr-.... Nevermind, I don't want to know.
[20:09] Ansem: ..... That was a pretty good swing.
[20:09] Repliku: Thanks
[20:09] I'll just take his lifeless body to the nearest hospital.
[20:09] Ansem: ....>> < < *drag drag drag*
[20:09] Zack: That's it! :: scoops Repliku up and carries him over his shoulder. :: Bad!
[20:09] Larxene: ....
[20:09] Zexion: .....
[20:09] Repliku: Hey!
[20:10] Xemnas: ....
[20:10] Zack: No fighting!
[20:10] Repliku: It was for a good cause
[20:10] Axel: *follows Ansem* So...it seems we have a body here.....
[20:10] Larxene: Hey... Xemnas....
[20:10] Ansem: Yes... we do.
[20:10] Repliku: And he started it
[20:10] Axel:....What do you want to do with it? *grins*
[20:10] Ansem: A few things.
[20:11] Axel: I'm in! *helps Ansem drag body*
[20:11] Xemnas: ....Sorry, what did you need XII?
[20:11] Demyx: O_O What are you two going to do... Actually, I don't want to know. D:
[20:11] Larxene: ...Not that I care about the little twerp, but wouldn't this give you a bad reputation? Your Heartless doing... things and all?
[20:12] Ansem: *throws lifeless muse over his shoulder and strolls away whistling, Axel in tow*
[20:12] Xemnas: ....You're quite right.
[20:12] Axel: *follows excitedly* This is going to be fun...
[20:12] Larxene: As usual~.
[20:12] Xemnas: However, Riku brought this raep upon himself.
[20:12] Xemnas:Therefore, the company is not held liable.
[20:12] Namine: ...!!!
[20:13] Namine: .... <_ < >_> <trips Ansem>
[20:13] Riku:*dramatic flailing of the humorous kind*
[20:13] Riku:*Riku thumps back up against the stair railing*
[20:13] Axel: *grabs body and keeps moving*
[20:14] Cloud: :: yelps Riku up. ::
[20:14] Ansem: ....*out cold*
[20:14] helps*
[20:14] Axel: Cloud...move!
[20:14] Riku: Nnngh.... *squint* I'm.... gonna.... kill him...
[20:14] Axel: *Runs away*
[20:15] Riku: ...*blinks* HEY. I'M AWAKE DUMBSHIT! D:
[20:15] Riku:PUT ME DOOOOWN
[20:15] Namine: <sidles back into the corner> ....
[20:15] Riku:SOMEONE HELP.
[20:16] Axel: *drops Riku and runs*
[20:16] Riku: *falls on top of Ansem*
[20:16] Demyx: This is amusing. *laughs*
[20:16] Larxene: <coughsputtergaglaugh>
[20:16] Axel: For the record Riku, I was taking you to the hospital! *runs around corner*
[20:17] Ansem: *wheeze ded*
[20:17] Zexion: Actually Riku he had every intention of violating you in your sleep.
[20:17] Xemnas: ...*stares blankly* ...Why haven't I fired him yet?
[20:18] Larxene: Because technically you'd be firing yourself.
[20:18] Axel: Don't lie Zexion...I would do no such thing...I don't even like silver hair...
[20:18] Riku: ....*gets up* I'm gonna kill.... that stupid bastard...
[20:18] Riku:......*falls over*
[20:18] Demyx: *is hungry* Goes off to find some food :-)
[20:19] Axel: *follows Demyx*
[20:19] Zexion:....*offers Riku a hand up*
[20:19] Xemnas: *swats at a moth absently and wanders off*
[20:20] Riku: ...*takes it*
[20:20] Riku:....Namine?
[20:20] Riku:>_>;;
[20:20] Zexion:....*upsydaisy~* hiding.
[20:20] Namine: ...!
[20:20] Riku: ...Er, sorry bout that. >_>;
[20:21] Riku:*points at Repliku*
[20:21] Riku:It was all his fault.
[20:21] Repliku: You started it
[20:21] Riku: ...I dare you to try and catch me off guard again.
[20:22] Repliku: Maybe another time
[20:22] Riku: Chicken shit had to hit me from behind.
[20:22] Zack: :: follows after Demyx and Axel. ::
[20:22] Repliku: You would have done the same thing
[20:23] Riku: Like hell I would have.
[20:23] Riku:*Soul Eater* I'll prove it.
[20:23] Riku:*...looks at Namine and puts it away*
[20:23] Namine: ....
[20:24] Larxene: What? No fight? Come on!
[20:24] Riku: Another time. *rathers a creepy smile and offers a hand shake*
[20:25] Repliku: *glare* *shakes*
[20:25] Riku:*crushes hand in handshake*
[20:25] Larxene: Urgh. What do you have to do to get a good show around here?!
[20:25] Riku: Another time... that's right.
[20:25] Repliku: Another
[20:26] Riku:*turns and waves at Namine cheerfully and walks downstairs, stepping over Ansem*
[20:26] Zexion:.......
[20:26] Namine: <watches him leave, then glances at Repliku>
[20:27] Repliku: Yes?
[20:27] Namine: ...Nothing.
[20:27] Repliku: Ok...
[20:27] Ansem: ...*ded*
[20:28] Axel: *portals back, grabs kitties and porn, portals away*
[20:28] Xemnas: .... I do believe I'm going to need some strong alcohol from Reno to get rid of any memory I have from tonight.
XIII; Roxas Sakurazuka-Lak: o_o excuse me?yesihavetwo on June 20th, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
((I know you all missed me. *shot*))

...... *thanks God he was not there*
youngestofthe6 on June 20th, 2007 06:59 pm (UTC)
((:( YOU KNOW we really did~))

...... What is it?
XIII; Roxas Sakurazuka-Lak: ^___^yesihavetwo on June 20th, 2007 07:18 pm (UTC)
((Aww <33))

.... Oh, nothing.